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  Parkside Animal Care Center Reception
  Parkside Animal Care Center Coffee Station

Parkside Animal Care Center offers numerous benefits to our clients and patients, beginning with our customized preventive care plan. Contrary to a standard generic protocol, we take the time to examine every pet and talk openly with owners to decide on the best care based on their pets' breed, age, lifestyle, and overall health. Based on your particular pet, we will make recommendations regarding vaccinations, diet, supplements, toys, treats, exercise, and grooming.

As a client of Parkside Animal Care Center, you will also have access to other specialized amenities, including an in-house laboratory, digital radiographs, ultrasound, larger exam room for large pets and families, a private comfort room, and complimentary coffee, water or tea.

We are continually working on providing the best care for our patients. We are currently in the process of remodeling our clinic to provide fear free visits, low stress handling and a cat exclusive exam room.

With so many client benefits, it's easy to see why Parkside Animal Care Center is the perfect place for your pet!