We Offer Veterinary Ultrasounds!

Ultrasonography is a non-invasive imaging technique for diagnosing sick pets
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  Pet Groomer Katie with Dogs
  Katie's clients enjoy all the pampering!
  Pet Groomers Katie and Chantel
  Katie and Chantel will make your pets look, feel and smell terrific.
At Parkside Animal Care Center, we know the best way to keep your dog or cat happy, healthy, and safe is to have them well groomed and trained. Our grooming facilities have been expressly designed to your pet's needs, and because our facilities are combined within a veterinary hospital, additional amenities are available for your pet, including: nail trimming, teeth cleaning, and coat shaving should the need arise.

Our experienced groomers, Katie and Chantel, know exactly how to keep pets relaxed and calm during their sessions, so they can come out looking and feeling fantastic every time!

Our Professional Groomers offer:

  • Clip, Trim & Style
  • Breed Specific Cuts
  • Brush Out
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioning
  • Nail Trims
  • Ear Cleaning

Grooming appointments are reserved for clients only. Please call 920-497-2086 to book your pet's salon visit today. We'll be happy to answer all your questions to ensure that your pet's grooming experience turns out just as you imagined.